Want a shorter course that works? Enroll your teen in a 2-week EmpowerU MiniCourse to help create personal change in targeted areas of struggle. Click on the video below to learn more.

What your teen can expect in a 2-week MiniCourse

Daily progress:  Each lesson introduces a new skill or concept that builds incrementally on the previous lesson, arming your teen with new tools to improve emotional wellbeing.

Application of skills: At the end of each lesson, your teen will apply the new concept or strategy to his or her life and goals in meaningful ways. This reflection is key to intrinsic growth and helps students make measurable progress towards goals.

Feedback, Encouragement and Accountability: Our trained instructors' first priority is to build a personal relationship with your teen. They check in with students daily, providing encouragement and feedback, as well as holding students accountable to their goals.

Lasting change: Our testimonials from students show the progress they make in EmpowerU lasts.  Click here for testimonials.



MINICOURSE 1: The Power of Your Thoughts:  This MiniCourse will transform your teen's Inner Critic into an Inner Coach, lowering anxiety and worried thoughts. (Required frist course).  CLICK HERE FOR SAMPLE VIDEO AND OUTCOMES

MINICOURSE 2: Coping with Stress & Anxiety in a Healthy Way:  Students learn better stress management skills, daily proactive strategies and strategies for improved emotional well-being. CLICK HERE FOR SAMPLE VIDEO AND OUTCOMES

MINICOURSE 3: Creating Connections and Meaningful Friendships: Students learn about different friendship levels and what is expected at each level, gaining confidence in their friendships. CLICK HERE FOR SAMPLE VIDEO AND OUTCOMES

MINICOURSE 4: Life Balance, Perseverance & Time Management:  Students evaluate their time, organization and optimal energy levels, creating insight to how they can best work effectively to meet goals without procrastination or perfectionism.CLICK HERE FOR SAMPLE VIDEO AND OUTCOMES

MiniCourse FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

Who teaches the course/what is the interaction? Trained therapists teach the course online.  We help your student set goals as well as provide feedback and encouragement after each lesson. Building a trusting relationship is key, and we make that a priority.

How do I know if my student is participating in the course?  We will copy you on important emails and send you a completion report at the end of the course.  If your student is not engaging for some reason, we will let you know.

How do I get my student onboard?  We suggest you talk to your teen... show the videos, course descriptions and testimonials...most students LOVE the course because it is all about them.  It really is empowering.  Let them know it is the most important course they may take - because learning to navigate life's ups and downs is critical for lifelong success.

What are the expectations for daily work: We expect that each student will sign in for 20-30 minutes each weekday at a time they set - and complete one lesson per day.  There are 10-11 lessons in each unit - so 2 weeks for each MiniCourse and 8 weeks for MiniCourse Bundle of Four.

Do students need a laptop: The course works on phones and tablets too - but a laptop is great. We suggest using Chrome for best results.

How do I enroll my teen:  Enroll by clicking on the LINK here. You will complete a student registration form. Once complete, you will receive a link to pay ($99 per MiniCourse or $299 for MiniCourseBundle of Four).

What happens next:  Once your payment is made online, we will send an email to you and your student confirming enrollment. We will also send a link to the course three days prior to start date.