2018/19 School Year Data

Students with anxiety, depression, and other mental health obstacles (with a mix of gender, grade level, diagnoses and level of need) have taken EmpowerU, and data shows completion rates of over 80%, compared to industry standards of 20-40% completion rates for online courses (B. Smith, 2010).

Students show significant progress as a result of taking the course.  To measure each student’s progress during the course, EmpowerU utilizes three assessment tools that are taken at the start and end of the course. 

  • Personal Goals: A unique feature of EmpowerU is helping students learn their strategies unique to their style that help them set, track, and achieve personal goals to make lasting personal change. This leads to improved self-confidence, motivation, and decreased anxiety. The program measures student reported progress toward their personal goals throughout the course.
    • 93% of students made goal progress toward a goal they set from pre to post course evaluation.

  • Starting Point Assessment: This assessment tool is rooted in the Transtheoretical Model (TTM) and five Stages of Change (Prochaska, DiClimente), a well-accepted and widely used tool to measure healthy and lasting behavior change. It measures behavior change in four categories: personal wellness, emotional, social, and academic. Students identify their current Stage of Change before and after taking the course, utilizing a five point scale.  
    • 100% of students who finished the course made positive change in at least one of the 4 categories.
    • 96% of students who finished the course increased 2 stages of change in at least 1 area and 70% increased 3 stages of change in at least 1 area.

  • Performance and Satisfaction Activity Tool: This assessment tool was adapted from the Canadian Occupational Performance Measure (COPM), to identify changes in students’ self-perception of performance and satisfaction in 19 behaviors over time. Studies have shown that a two-point change between pre and post scores is considered meaningful change when measured after one-on-one therapy intervention. For behaviors tied to students’ identified goals:
    • Performance: Students experienced improvements of 2.63 points (avg)
    • Satisfaction: Students experienced improved 2.60 points (avg)

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What do students think of EmpowerU?

  • 100% of students who completed EmpowerU would recommend it to friends or other students.