An Online Course Designed to Help Students Help Themselves.


EmpowerU puts students in the driver seats of their lives.

It is difficult for students with anxiety, depression or low self-esteem to build the daily progress they need to create lasting change. So we set out to build an innovative solution.  

EmpowerU was intentionally designed with evidence-based interventions and best practices to be engaging, effective, and empowering.  Each daily lesson engages students as active participants in creating their own path to resilience and allows them the time and place to connect new concepts they learn to their personal growth.  And it works. Read how below.

lasting change & emotional wellbeing

We Teach Students HOW to Create Personal Change

Our engaging tools and assessments  provide students with insight to their roadblocks and habits, allowing them to  identify strategies that work best for them to make change. As a result, students make progress in the areas in which they are most ready, creating momentum and engagement.

Highly Personalized to Individual Needs

Our software platform combined with our custom intake process allows us to create a personalized learning plan for each student. We gain insight into students’ obstacles and motivators and help them customize strategies to chart a new path that will work for them.

Rooted in Relationships

Taught by licensed EmpowerU instructors with masters/doctorate degrees, we provide students with the scaffolding needed to deeply reflect and apply what they learn to their goals.  We build a relationship with each student online  and provide daily feedback and encouragement through the portal as well as communicate via text and email.

Aligned with Standards to Build 21st Century Skills

We have aligned our curriculum with ASCA and National Health and Wellness standards, and have integrated strategies to help students build  21st century skills such as perseverance, goal setting, resilience & leadership.

Accountability - Credit Bearing

Students can earn elective credit based on each school's discretion. EmpowerU will send a complete progress report with student outcomes and alignment to state standards, along with progress and seat hours, with a calculation of how it equates to semester credit. (Credit discretionary by school and ONLY for semester course option.)



Data is far surpassing expectations, for a wide range of students - from perfectionist, high-achieving students struggling with anxiety to discouraged and underperforming students.  Students make significant progress toward  individual goals. Click here for data overview.


This short video explains why your school should consider purchasing at site license for  EmpowerU.  It is online -- and taught by EmpowerU instructors who are experts in evidence-based interventions.