We have created a step-by-step tool box to help you enroll a student in EmpowerU. It's all on the page below! 

Bookmark this page so you can bring it up anytime you enroll a student.



Step One: Invite Student to your Office

  1. Talk to the student about their obstacles and personal struggles - ask if they would like to take a course that would help them create a path to overcome those struggles. It is proven to work and is all online - 20 minutes a day with embedded daily coaching.
  2. Introduce EmpowerU as a great option to create a path to overcome personal obstacles and build vital resilience to better naviagate life's challenges.
  3. Explain that building resilience is the best predictor of future contentment and success, so investing the time in personal development is critical.  Show the video below:

Step Three: Review Course Expectations

Read together with student:  Once you are enrolled in the course you will receive an email from your Instructor:

  • Your EmpowerU Instructor will send a link to the first unit of EmpowerU, copying the school and parent/guardian on the email for accountability.
  • It is expected that you will activate the link within 2 school days and get started in EmpowerU.
  • Please designate a 20 minute window each school day to complete one complete lesson in EmpowerU. Agree on that specific time with your school counselor now. There should be no homework outside of the lesson a day.
  • EmpowerU works on a smart phone, laptop, school computer or tablet.  The course works best in Google CHROME. What will you use to take the course?
  • At the recommended pace of 5 lessons/week you will complete the course in 12-14 weeks. Mark your target completion date on your calendar now.  We will be emailing progress updates to you and your school throughout the course to keep you on pace. 
  • Upon completion, you will receive a pass/fail grade and one elective credit.
  • If you are absent or sick,  communicate directly with your EmpowerU instructor and provide an update about how you will get back on track with lessons.
  • Non-engagement in the course will lead to possible withdrawal from the course, with no credit
  • This is a credit bearing course, and should be treated as such. Be sure to respond to your instructor''s text and emails within 24 hours.

Step Four: Notify Parent/Guardian

We make it easy to inform parents about EmpowerU. Just copy and paste the below email to the parent/guardian.  Inform parents they can reply and type "okay" to give approval to proceed with the student enrollment.


Step Five: Complete School Intake Form

The final step of student enrollment is for you to complete the school intake form.  Click on this link to do so. Once this is complete, we do the rest and will communicate with you about your student's progress in EmpowerU.

QUESTIONS? Email empoweruedu@gmail.com

 Thank you!