A comprehensive online course that embeds daily embedded coaching, we help students build resilience while earning discretionary credit. Each of the six units in the semester course build upon each other to effectively help students make personal change, gain confidence, lower anxiety, increase emotional well-being and improve friendships and time management.  And it works -- our results prove it.

COURSE OUTCOMES: Students make lasting personal change

A Path to Their Future


An online, semester course, we help  students successfully set and meet goals in four domains: social, emotional, academic and personal wellness., empowering  them to create a path to their future. This creates hope for students that things can be different...in a good way.


Increased Wellbeing


By teaching students the skills and strategies they need to manage their emotions, thoughts, relationships and time, we help each student increase their overall wellbeing and resilience. Students report feeling more stable, confident and grounded after EmpowerU.

Renewed Motivation


We take the time to understand each students' individual needs so we can help them make the progress they want to make.  This increases their overall motivation because change happens incrementally - one step at a time - and builds momentum for more change.

More Confidence


Students work online from school or home to complete an average of five lessons per week, delivered in engaging format that takes about 20-30 minutes/lesson. This daily dose of skill building helps students hone and practice skills each day and gain confidence in accessing these new skills to navigate life's bumps.

Powerful Insight & Growth


After the student masters the concepts in each lesson, they apply the new tools and strategies to their personal goals, connecting the skill to their own progress in an intrinsic and lasting way.  This is powerful.


Proven Growth


Each unit has clear student outcomes that are tied to standards and measure student learning through online assessment. 

  So far 93% of students of that have taken the course have shown significant growth and progress towards goals. 



Frequently Asked Questions

Who teaches the course/what is the interaction? Trained therapists teach the course online.  We help your student set goals as well as give them feedback and encouragement after each lesson. Building a trusting relationship is key and we make that a priority.

How do I know if my student is doing the course?  We will copy you on important emails and send you a completion report at the end of the course.  If your student is not engaging for some reason, we will let you know.

How do I get my student onboard?  We suggest you talk to your student.. show them the videos, course descriptions and testimonials...most students LOVE the course because it is all about them.  It really is empowering.   Let them know it is the most important course they may take - because learning to navigate life's ups and downs is critical for lifelong success.

What are the expectations for daily work: We expect that each student will sign in for 20-30 minutes each weekday at a time they set - and complete one lesson per day.  There are 10-11 lessons in each unit - so a total of 12-14 weeks to complete the semester course.If a student does not keep pace with the course, they will be dropped.

Do they need a laptop: The course works on phones and tablets too - but a laptop is great. We suggest using Chrome for best results.

How do I enroll:  Enroll by clicking on the LINK here

Can my student get credit?

Many schools will grant one semester of discretionary credit upon student completion of all six units.  We provide your school counselor with a report and standards met, and they may be able to give elective credit based on alignment of course to National Health and Wellness Standards.


QUESTIONS: Email Ginny@empoweru.education