Helping Students Build Resilience, Every Day.

EmpowerU is a highly personalized online course that empowers students to overcome social-emotional obstacles and meet their goals.


This is how EmpowerU helps students with anxiety, depression and motivation challenges build the skills and strategies they need each day to re-engage and meet goals.

If You work with Teens You know:

Mental-health obstacles are rising at alarming rates - and Its hard for schools to find the time and place to help students overcome their social-emotional barriers.



  • EmpowerU is a time-efficient, cost-effective online course that uses neuroscience, CBT and a strengths-based approach to encourage students to create personal change.   

  • Our data shows that our evidence-based strategies work - and  100% of students who engage in the course make significant progress towards their goals and feel more satisfied in their relationships.

School Testimonials


"EmpowerU has changed the way I talk to students about anxiety and stress - it has helped me become a more effective support to my students."

Janie D, Interventionist, Fort Collins, CO

Student Testimonials



"EmpowerU has helped me learn how to change the things in my life I wanted to be different.  And that made a huge difference in my ability to feel better about myself, my friends and school."

                 Alison P, Minneapolis, 10th grade

"I made forward progress because I learned how I can change my thoughts by myself.  I realized that I tend to fall into thinking traps a lot and I like being more self aware of my brain and thoughts so I can meet my goals."      Joseph B, Minneapolis, 9th grade