A Social-Emotional Learning Program that Works

Proven to increase resilience and persistence

EmpowerU engages struggling students as active participants in their wellness journey by combining daily online social-emotional learning lessons with 1:1 coaching support.

More than 93% of students who complete EmpowerU’s online program make a dramatic shift from discouragement and anxiety to improved wellbeing, motivation and hope.

Online SEL

Vital online SEL support delivered in daily doses

Students with anxiety, depression or low self-esteem are often stuck in a place of discouragement and avoidance. They can struggle to find motivation, focus and energy. EmpowerU’s online social-emotional learning creates the daily structure and support they need to improve their mental health. Growth happens one day at a time, one small step at a time.

Progress that lasts

Daily coaching helps students make the important connection between the unique challenges in their lives and the core concepts addressed in daily lessons. Over the course of the six units, students build resilience that shifts their focus from problems to progress. As a result, they become more stable, confident, grounded and hopeful.

EmpowerU curriculum is aligned with CASEL and National Health and Wellness Standards.

Core Concepts

Powered by human relationships

Human relationships power our tech-enabled solution and ensure that students feel heard and valued every day by their 1:1 EmpowerU coach.

Students who complete EmpowerU rate the importance of the daily support they receive from their highly trained EmpowerU coach as a 3.86 out of 4.

What People are Saying

“I noticed that the days I complete EmpowerU in the morning, I get more schoolwork done.”


High School Junior

“EmpowerU has given my son the tools to work on himself daily, shifting his focus from his problems to how he can take the next step forward.”


Parent of EmpowerU Student

“Many students struggle to handle adversity and EmpowerU gives them the tools to successfully navigate their challenges when they come about.”


School Counselor


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EmpowerU’s revolutionary approach to social-emotional learning helps students replace anxiety and depression with resilience and confidence. As active participants in their wellness journey, students complete engaging, online lessons supported by daily 1:1 motivational coaching that fuel improved emotional wellbeing, school attendance, and grades. EmpowerU offers site-based licenses to schools and colleges, as well as access to the credit-bearing course through third-party online schools or direct from the company.