SEL for Elementary students

Partnering with Schools to Help K-5 Students Thrive

Tier 1 & 2 SEL programs equip students to thrive

A student’s elementary school years are filled with the building blocks — skills, knowledge and mindset — for the future. SEL forms the foundation all students need for learning and for life. And SEL helps students who need extra support to engage and succeed.

Tier 1 SEL Program

Our Tier 1 elementary SEL curriculum (K-5) gives all students the vocabulary, skills and mindset to find healthy success in school and life.

  • Turnkey curriculum led by classroom teacher using prompts and resources inside EmpowerU portal
  • Short monthly EmpowerU classroom lesson and daily calming exercise tailored to each grade level
  • Engaging resources and activities to reinforce and internalize learning
  • Streamlined teacher training and minimal prep

Tier 2 SEL Program

Our Tier 2 SEL targeted intervention (grade 3-5) delivers expert 1:1 support to struggling students. Our team can help you identify students who will benefit from additional online lessons and personalized coaching by trained EmpowerU instructors.

  • Six-week course that can begin any time during the school year
  • Bite-size online lessons delivered twice a week during intervention time
  • Support from a highly-trained EmpowerU instructor
  • Collaboration with school counseling team for consistent support

Charge up learning with SEL

Kindergarten through fifth grade students are at the perfect stage to learn about their internal locus of control. When students learn how to tap into their internal locus of control, they gain the skills to listen to their inner coach (and tune out their inner critic) to navigate difficult times in positive, healthy ways.

The internal locus of control, or inner coach, is represented by Charge™, a lovably fuzzy stuffed character who hangs out in each EmpowerU SEL Tier 1 classroom and is featured in the curriculum’s videos and learning materials. Charge™ helps engage students, reminding them of the power they have over thoughts and emotions.

Why EmpowerU SEL in elementary?

Introducing SEL at the elementary level establishes a healthy foundation for student wellbeing and a positive school community.

As students progress through elementary school, EmpowerU continues to guide them to reflect and apply core SEL concepts to their goals and obstacles in a meaningful and personalized way. This ongoing approach increases confidence, connection and healthy coping — creating the SEL skill set to thrive inside and outside the classroom.

Each year, students learn, practice and master EmpowerU’s five core concepts in the K-5 SEL curriculum. Our holistic Tier 1 approach builds school-wide capacity, giving students and educators common language around social-emotional wellness.

Self Identity: Student examines self in order to best make personal changes and improve quality of life. Motivation & habits: Student creates personal change by mastering strategies for habit change and motivation. Inner Coach: Student improves distress tolerance by using realistic self talk (Inner Coach over Inner Critic). Emotional Regulation: Student successfully implements strategies for emotional regulation. Community: Student identifies community of support and makes more meaningful connections.

EmpowerU core concepts are aligned with CASEL and ASCA standards, as well as with National Health and Wellness standards. 

More than 94% of students make significant progress toward their goals, preparing them to better navigate life’s challenges and bumps.

Accessible SEL with lasting benefits

Research clearly shows the valuable returns on school investments in evidence-based SEL and multi-tiered systems of support. An effective SEL program makes a lasting difference for students, educators and the entire school community.

EmpowerU is the skilled partner schools need to implement quickly and affordably. Together, we will create equitable care for student success and support the students who need it most.

  • Early introduction of SEL to build a foundation of student resilience
  • Normalizes mental “fitness” and builds positive school community
  • Creates common language for social-emotional growth and wellbeing 
  • Seamlessly integrates into daily classroom routines
  • Requires minimal training and virtually no daily prep

Tiered SEL support for all levels of need

EmpowerU can design a tiered SEL program that is accessible, equitable, effective and affordable. Every day, we help education leaders build school-wide SEL capacity, implement a targeted intervention for struggling students and measure the results of their SEL investment.

Tier 2 Interventions

EmpowerU helps schools support Tier 1 and Tier 2 students with SEL, reducing the need for Tier 3 interventions

EmpowerU Student Lifecycle

Build Core Concepts
and Common Language

  • Teacher-led lessons – Tier 1
  • Guided individual reflection
  • Targeted support – Tier 2
  • Simple, online teacher training

SEL Skill Building
for Prevention

  • Teacher-led lessons – Tier 1
  • Guided student reflection
  • Targeted support – Tier 2
  • Simple, online teacher training

Proven Support for
Struggling Students

  • Targeted support – Tier 2
  • Semester course credit available
  • Tier 1 virtual option
  • Coordination with school-based team

Adult mental wellbeing makes a difference to students. We offer an online professional learning course for educators at any level.

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What People are Saying

“My greatest improvement after taking EmpowerU is to know when I need to use a deep breath or check-in.”

Elementary Student

“EmpowerU helps students of all ages realize — no matter what happens around them — that they absolutely can learn to control their thinking and the way the handle their emotions. Students gain confidence by learning the skills to do just that.”


Elementary School Counselor

“Now I know how to take charge. And I think more positively about myself.”


Elementary Student


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EmpowerU’s revolutionary approach to social-emotional learning helps students replace anxiety and depression with resilience and confidence. As active participants in their wellness journey, students complete engaging, online lessons supported by daily 1:1 motivational coaching that fuel improved emotional wellbeing, school attendance, and grades. EmpowerU offers site-based licenses to schools and colleges, as well as access to the credit-bearing course through third-party online schools or direct from the company.