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Improving Student Resiliency and Retention

A solution to a pressing issue

Colleges and universities face a real and growing problem of losing tuition-paying students because of their struggles with mental health obstacles. More than 50% of college students report experiencing anxiety and depression at some point during their time in college, and mental health is the second leading cause of students dropping out.

EmpowerU is proven to build engagement and resilience. This accessible and effective solution decreases student anxiety, increases confidence, and improves mood and connection over the six-week resilience training.

How much do colleges spend on mental health
Student relience

Mental health support in daily doses

Students complete a 15-20 minute daily resilience exercise that is supported by highly personalized, daily coaching. This powerful combination helps students stay focused, motivated, and on track, especially during the current chaos in our world. Resilience is a muscle that we help students strengthen one day at a time, one step at a time throughout the six-week program.

A boost for career success

A 2019 McKinsey report identified resilience as the best predictor of career success. Students who complete the EmpowerU program will not only have increased focus and emotional wellbeing, but they also will receive a micro-certification in resilience training to add to their resume.

What People are Saying

“I know it is not easy to connect with students online, but you were able to connect with Dani and get her to really engage  and grow in a meaningful way. I am impressed.”



“I really liked the time set aside to just focus on myself. Having a real person on the other side giving me feedback and advice was also super helpful to know that someone was listening and understanding.”


College Senior

“EmpowerU helped me pause and learn techniques to help me deal with all that is happening in the world right now.”


College Freshman


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EmpowerU’s revolutionary approach to student success helps students increase resilience, persistence, motivation and success. As active participants in their wellness journey, students complete engaging, online lessons supported by daily 1:1 motivational coaching that fuel improved emotional wellbeing, school attendance, and grades. EmpowerU offers site-based licenses to schools and colleges, as well as access to the credit-bearing course through third-party online schools or direct from the company.