Teaching Self Regulation Ignites Student Success

Lessons & Results in K-12 

Teaching Self Regulation Ignites Student Success

Self-regulation has been referred to as “self-management, self-control, and self-direction” and includes skills such as “goal setting, planning, self-talk, self-monitoring, self-recording, and self-evaluation. 

This useful skill helps students monitor and manage their thoughts, emotions and attention, and is a skill that all students can and should learn.

The research supports this notion. Students who lack self-regulation skills have higher rates of absenteeism, drop out and underachievement. They also have a tougher time developing positive relationships with peers and adults.

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    Self-Regulation at All Levels of Schooling

    The last several years have been hard for students who need structure, predictability, and a safe learning environment to feel comfortable. 

    Whether a student is K-5 or in middle and high school, they can learn to adapt to their environments and regulate their anxieties by exhibiting learned skills.

    Grades K-12
    Learning to Take Charge

    At the elementary level, our Take Charge of Me universal classroom curriculum (K-5) provides the building blocks and foundation for self-regulation and other skills for a successful future, with options for 1:1 support at Tier 2 for the students who need it most.

      Grades 6-12
      Empowering A Bright Future

      In middle and high school, our Tier 1 and Tier 2 curriculum gives all students the skills to find healthy success in school and life, with the additional opportunity for 1:1 support to struggling students.

        Every school is unique! That’s why we customize  our highly personalized, data-driven Tier 1 and Tier 2 for every school to best equip students with the skills they need to be resilient, self-regulated and self-directed learners to reach their goals. 

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        Positive Change is Possible!

        Join us for an upcoming coffee and learning session on Sept 28 or Oct 11 to learn how!

        What People are Saying

        As a self-contained classroom teacher, this has been the best tool for my students to take ownership of themselves and their behaviors. It has also helped me better understand how to acknowledge behaviors in a positive way.

        Stapleton Elementary Teacher

        The coaches make the difference. Our older students traditionally have a hard time engaging in learning. To see 85-90% of these students actively participating in the EmpowerU course is mind-blowing for us.

        Epic Charter Educator

        EmpowerU’s revolutionary approach to student success helps students replace anxiety and depression with resilience and confidence. As active participants in their wellness journey, students complete engaging, online lessons supported by daily 1:1 motivational coaching that fuel improved emotional wellbeing, school attendance, and grades. EmpowerU offers site-based licenses to schools and colleges, as well as access to the credit-bearing course through third-party online schools or direct from the company.